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Flight Mechanix is a team of passionate aviation enthusiasts that are expert maintainers of the Beechcraft King Air 90, 200 and 300 series aircraft. Our team has multiple decades of experience and training on King Airs, PT6 engines and vast experience on other models of PT6 powered turboprop aircraft such as the Piper Meridian, Jet prop, Epic and TBM’s. We provide top tier quality, value and safety to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events on your aircraft. We are aircraft owners, pilots, and operators in addition to maintenance providers so we maintain a holistic approach to keeping you in the air, your asset value up and your operation safe. Our approach is to partner with owners and pilots that we can build trust and relationships with for the long term. As such we approach maintenance events with that in mind to make recommendations and repairs that bring benefit to our relationship over the long term. We are very proud of our team and our product and we look forward to earning your business to make you a part of the Flight Mechanix family of clients.


Our team has extensive experience and expertise on the King Air 90, 200, and 300 series. We are well equipped to handle all of your scheduled maintenance tasks. We perform all chapter 4 and chapter 5 maintenance items as well as chapter 12 service items on dozens of King Airs every year keeping our team sharp and efficient on these scheduled maintenance items. We are well equipped and experienced on larger scheduled items such as the mechanical and the hydraulic landing gear 6 year and 30 month items, flap inspections, door inspections, the PT6 engine minor inspections, PT6 engine borescopes and PT6 engine hot section events.

Unscheduled maintenance can be extremely disruptive to operations and drastically impact annual budgets on an aircraft. We work diligently to head off these issues by making you aware of any potential problems identified during scheduled shop visits. Despite best efforts on our part and yours, unscheduled items will come up and we are here to efficiently diagnose and repair those issues for you with as minimal impact as possible. We frequently perform PT6 engine changes, propeller changes, avionics troubleshooting, air conditioning repair, tire and brake replacements, sheet metal repair, and many other system corrections. The Flight Mechanix team can diagnose, correct and manage whatever issues you may face on your King Air.

Flight Mechanix is an excellent resource to perform the installation of your King Air aftermarket STC requests as desired to enhance your King Air. We frequently perform pre-purchase inspections, and handle the brokerage of your aircraft when it comes time to sell, acquire or trade your King Air.

EST. 1974

Turboprop Maintenance

PT6 Powered Aircraft

The Flight Mechanix team has extensive experience working on many other types of PT6 powered turboprop aircraft in addition to the King Air. Aircraft such as the Epic E1000, Piper Meridian, Piper Jetprop, and TBM 700, 800 and 900 series aircraft. 

We can provide excellent quality and value to you on the performance of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance. We would love to discuss your aircraft and your needs to see if we would be a good provider fit for you and your aircraft. Please contact us today and allow us to earn your  business on your Epic, Meridian or TBM.

EST. 1974


Beechjet, Cessna CJ & Legacy Citations

Our dedicated team of technicians has experience and expertise on many small-medium business jets. Flight Mechanix maintains a host of Beechjets, Cessna CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4, and legacy 500, 501, 550, 560 series Citations. We are equipped to provide you with excellent service, safety and value on the maintenance activities for your small to medium size business jet. 

Please give us a call or shoot us an email so we can discuss your particular aircraft needs. We would love the opportunity to earn your trust and business.


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